fotografia zdjęcia photograph by Marta Potoczek

Barbara Piotrowska

I don’t really believe in coincidences and I trust that there is something called destiny. You are visiting my web page which means for me that maybe we are looking for each other.

I am a musician by education and passion. I studied cello at the Frederyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw which I am a graduate of. Now I play in the Wroński String Quartet.

When my hands are not conjuring up the beautiful sounds from my beloved instrument, I take camera and I am painting the pictures. Photography is a painting, an impression painted by light, shadows and feelings for me.

My passion for photography lasts almost 15 years. I try to improve my skills to make my photos more and more beautiful. I took part in wedding photography workshops "Repoglamour" which were conducted by two outstanding wedding photographers Anna Kalina Ciesielska and Adam Trzcionka. I took part also in the portrait photography workshops conducted by Katarzyna Widmańska.

I am very passionate when photography and music are concerned. My cello and camera are not the common objects. They are extraordinary and irreplaceable objects, thanks to which I can create. They allow me to express emotions, passion and outlook at people and world.

When I take photos I feel honoured, and simply happy. I have a unique chance to capture fleeting moments, somebody’s happiness, smiles, tears of emotions. Then I give you a unique set of memories. It is a visual recording of the most important moments in your life.

Every session is the most beautiful and unique. Not only you invite me to your life, but also you make me the chronicler and painter of crucial and the most exciting moments in your life.

I will always want to know you and let you know me. The mutual understanding and my commitment give me attributes that are essential to create a photography which capture what is fleeting and important – your emotions and laughter, love and happiness.

As an artist, I perceive the world as a beautiful and good place and I really want my photos to be like this. I want them to be from the bottom of my heart – good and beautiful. I believe that you are looking for this and you would like to capture your memories in the same way in your favourite photos.