• My dear Basia. I want to say THANK YOU. It is the easiest way to express what I felt and what I feel looking at photos taken by you. These few moments with you, these photos are the magical moments. I made me feel again like a child - happy. You are incredible and full of energy. You cannot be disliked and your photos as well. Thank you!

  • I couldn’t stop marvelling that your photos are so incredible and you have such a talent. You can capture the moments in an incredible way. I want to thank you for your work, we will have a wounderful memento for our whole life :)

    Ula & Jarek
  • I sometimes want to tell my husband something more than "I love you". These magical words don’t mean much today. You can love your teddy bear, ice-cream,dream shoes and you can love your car as well. These words should be magical and "set aside" in some way. However, they are misused and they had lost its sense and misticism. And it turns out that there are no words which I can express my feelings and this love. When he asks me someday: how do you love me, I will show him one of your photos. These photos described exactly what I feel. My dear Basia, you have an incredible talent to immortalize the moments. You have gift to express emotions when they are so difficult and fleeting to capture. I feel that you immortalized all the nuances of our relations, feelings and family atmoshpere like you looked at this through my eyes. I want to thank you again that you were together with us in this festive day.

  • Do you know that I am in debt to you? All these photos are magical, they have the atmosphere in themselves and there is also "something" in them what I noticed on your webpage - the naturalness which you can see in the models’ eyes. This is what get out of them. I was enjoying very much, photos are incredible as well as you. I am enriched by the unforgettable memories and set of wounderful photos. I liked our work so I can’t imagine myself that this would be the end of our co-operation.

  • Basia, thank you very much for such a great fun. This session with you was fantastic adventure and unforgettable experience. I can’t imagine that someone else could take photos of me. This is a memento for my whole life. When it comes to photos - they are exactly the same I dreamed about- and even better... You are a fairy godmother whose wand is lens by means of which you change the world. I feel beautiful looking at the photos. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, we haven’t been successfull at organizing my dreamed session but I know - I want to have pictures taken of me. I support your passion from the moment I learnt about your gift for taking pictures. The photos are beautiful, I watch your photoblog and I am all puffed with pride that I could meet you and... I want the photos like this!!! Do you know that you’re incredible?

  • My dear Basia! Magda’s photos are incredible! I see my child "anew"! Happy and despaired at one time – the smile on her face and the tears in her eyes. Children are so unpredictable. Magda exhausted you but I am happy that the effect of this session is so fantastic. I thank you you very much that you had so patience with Magda. I explain to her that a sweet smile is more important than cookies till the next session. She managed perfectly as a novice in modelling. So when do we meet again?

  • We want to thank you for our engagement session. It was a brilliant idea with those balloons. They were a bit unruly during the session but the final effect was overwhelming. You captured perfectly what was the most important – the happiness and the fact that we have ourselves. We gave albums with these photos for all our parents as a Christmas present and they were totally charmed by them. They said all of them should be in frame and should stay on Piotrek’s desk at work. We can’t just imagine that our wedding session should be made by someone else. We can’t wait for this!

    Iza & Piotrek
  • I have just watched the photos from our last session. Thank you! Never before did girl’s gossiping bear such a beautiful fruit. You deserve a right hiding for one thing - I look fabulous on your photos that I did dislike all the mirrors since I looked at them. I kiss you and can’t wait for the next session - in the winter, or in the buduoir or wherever you and your camera will be.

  • My dear Basia, session with you is like Hitchcock’s film. It begins with the earthquake – great fun during the session, then the suspense is buliding up all the time escpecially during watching the effect of your work. My children don’t like being taken photos of themselves and when I am lucky they make the artificial faces. Your photos are artistic and wounderfully natural at the same time – they highlight detalis, beauty and the atmoshpere. Your idea of my litlle girls – the princesses from a fairy tale and this is very beautiful in them.

    Greetings, J.